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Research Paper
Effect of Sugarcane Harvest Machinery Traffic on Soil Compaction in South West of Khuzestan
Volume 34, Issue 2 , March 2011, Pages 1-14

  In order to study the effects of sugar cane harvest machinery traffic on bulk density and cone index variation, a survey was conducted in 10 farms of Deabel Khozaiee sugarcane agro-industrial company, Ahvaz, in 2006. In this experiment, two types of harvesters including wheel half track and tire wheels ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Effect of Sewage Sludge Application on the Amount of Micro Elements in Soil and Absorption in Medical Plants Mint (MenthaPipperata)
Volume 34, Issue 2 , March 2011, Pages 15-28

  In order to investigate the effect of Sewage Sludge (SS) application on  the amount of micro elements in soil and absorption of these elements in plant organs of medical plants mint (MenthaPipperata), an experiment was carried out in split plot based on a complete randomized block design in three ...  Read More

Design and Development of an Automatic Device for Packing Spherical-shaped Fruits
Volume 34, Issue 2 , March 2011, Pages 29-40

  The objective of this research was to design and develop an automatic device for displacing and placing the spherical-shaped fruits in the trays, with minimum damage to flesh. A planar two-degree-of-freedom tray mechanism was designed which placed the tray in the exact position when the gripper released ...  Read More

Research Paper
Mobility of Different Forms of Nitrogen in Soil Influenced by Different Rates of Urea Fertilizer in Maize Fertigation System in the North of Khuzestan
Volume 34, Issue 2 , March 2011, Pages 41-53

  Nitrogen as one of the main nutrients is important for plant growth and soil fertility. The available soil nitrogen can be changed due to N uptake by plants and microorganisms, leaching, denitrification, and volatilization processes. The application rate of N fertilizers is very important on nitrogen ...  Read More

Research Paper
Adsorption Behavior of Lindane Pesticide in Karoon River Sediments: the Region of Ahvaz–Khorramshahr
Volume 34, Issue 2 , March 2011, Pages 55-68

  Pesticides application can be leached to ground water or throughout runoff reach to water surface. The adsorption behavior of the river sediment with the pesticides has a significant influence on the environmental quality of a river. The objective of this research was to study the sorption isotherms ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Effects of Irrigation Water Salinity, Nitrogen and Foliar Application of Calcium Chloride on Yield and Growth Indices of Pepper
Volume 34, Issue 2 , March 2011, Pages 69-84

  To study the effects of irrigation water salinity, nitrogen, and foliar application of calcium chloride on yield and growth indices of pepper, a factorial pot experiment was carried out in Znajan Agricultural Research Center in 2010 using a completely randomized design and three replications. In this ...  Read More

Research Paper
Evaluation the Appropriate Levels of Vermicompost and Municipal Solid Waste Compost on Nutrient Uptake and Yield of Canola under Drought Stress Conditions
Volume 34, Issue 2 , March 2011, Pages 85-96

  In order to determine the efficiency and appropriate levels of two biofertilizers including municipal solid waste compost and vermicompost on improving nutrient availability, growth and yield of canola under drought stress conditions, an experiment was conducted as factorial arrangement based on randomized ...  Read More

Research Paper
Evaluating the Effect of Bioethanol–Gasoline Blends on SI Engine Performance
Volume 34, Issue 2 , March 2011, Pages 97-105

  In the present research, the performance characteristics of a four-cylinder spark ignition engine were investigated using bioethanol – gasoline blends. The experiments were performed in factorial tests with a randomized complete block design with three replications. Factors of experiments were ...  Read More