The submission Guidelines of the Journal of Agricultural Engineering

Journal of Agricultural Engineering, published quarterly in print and electronic formats by Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz (Iran) is a double blind, peer reviewed, and open access journal. As an offshoot of the Scientific Journal of Agriculture, the journal provides a forum devoted to research articles in specialized fields including soil science and bio-systems engineering. Journal of Agricultural Engineering aims to bolster interdisciplinary cooperation among researchers by publishing high quality works which speak to a wide audience. A manuscript submitted to the journal should be in Persian with an extended abstract in English. Authors need to pursue the following guidelines in writing articles to be considered for preliminary review and further evaluation. 

A. General Requirements

1.  Manuscript content should be based on the results of author’s research.

2. The manuscript should not have been simultaneously submitted to another journal or published elsewhere (except in the form of short papers presented at national or international conferences).

3. The manuscript should be adjusted to a maximum of 15 pages on A4 format, including references and an abstract. Authors are urged to use at least two related articles from the journal in the body of their manuscripts.

4. Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically by using the Journal of Agricultural Engineering online submission and review Website at This site will guide authors stepwise through the submission process. Authors are urged to submit the text, tables, and artwork in the electronic form to this address. Please avoid using any English word(s) in the body of the manuscript. The English equivalents should appear as footnotes at the end of each page.

5. In order to improve the quality of the article and to check for possible basic problems, it is recommended that the authors submit their article to the supervising professor or two of their experienced colleagues prior to submitting it for possible publication in the journal.

6. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the manuscript content. Those submitting papers should carefully check that all those works cited in the paper are acknowledged as contributing authors. They should also sign an agreement form confirming their contribution in writing the manuscript. Papers are only considered for publication once consent is given by all contributing authors.

7. When a manuscript is submitted to the Journal of Agricultural Engineering, the editor makes an initial editorial judgment regarding its suitability for the journal’s audience. A significant number of submissions, which fall outside the scope of the journal or are not sufficiently novel, are returned without sending them out for further processing. Final responsibility for acceptance or declination rests with the editor.

8. The format and fonts used in the articles submitted to Journal of Agricultural Engineering should be set according to the submission guidelines of the journal at the bottom of this page.

9. During manuscript submission, the submitting author must provide the manuscript main file and a consistent cover page (including full names, email addresses, institutional affiliations, and mailing addresses for all of coauthors). The submitting author should obtain the coauthor’s signed assent to co-authorship, as well. Moreover, the submitting author should provide the original (not printed) Word files for tables and Excel files for figures.

10. Figures and tables:  The axis data need to be in English and their titles should be in Persian and English. Figures and tables need to be original (not printed) and they should appear at the top or bottom of the page (not in the center of the page). For some examples, please visit the articles published in the journal homepage.


Article Processing Charges:

The processing charge is two million and five hundred thousand Rls (Two hundred and fifty thousand tomans) which is asked Iranian author(s) to pay One hundred and fifty thousand tomans of that to provide part of the arbitration costs and one hundred thousand tomans must be paid by author (s) in charge after final acceptance to supply publication costs.

The costs can be paid electronically to the account of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz with the Central Bank.