Journal of Agricultural Engineering  published by Shahid chamran University of Ahvaz (Iran), a quarterly with free access, ready to accept all scientific articles derived from research studies and master's theses and PhDs of dear researchers in the fields of soil science engineering and biosystem engineering in the following areas, acceptance and will publish. A - Soil science engineering: soil chemistry and pollution, soil fertility and plant nutrition, soil biology and bio-technology, soil formation and basic classification, application of remote sensing in soil studies, soil management and land use, soil physics and water-soil- plants relationship, erosion and agricultural conservation, soil and environmental pollution, fine soil dust. B- Biosystem engineering: design and construction of systems, precise and intelligent agriculture, post-harvest technology, energy in agriculture, agricultural mechanization and other research related to biosystem engineering. In addition, the review articles of dear researchers, which are the result of years of research and valuable experiences, can be accepted and published.