How can I track the status of my article?

A follow-up letter should be sent to the managing editor at agrieng@scu.ac.ir. It should be noted that manuscript ID, manuscript title, corresponding author and a phone number for later correspondence should be included in the letter.

Is reviewers’ information disclosed to authors?

No. Reviewers’ information is not disclosed to authors. This journal follows a double-blind peer review process.

How many reviewers are usually assigned to do the initial review of the submitted article?

  - There will be at least two reviewers.

Is a comparative reviewer selected from one of the reviewers who has already reviewed the article?

In most cases, yes. The revised manuscript along with a file including authors’ response to reviewers’ comments will be sent to one of the reviewers who has already reviewed the article. In some cases, if we do not receive a timely response from him, another reviewer will be assigned to do the review job.