Manuscript Review Process

The editorial board carefully examines all the papers submitted electronically to the journal online submission and review Website at Those manuscripts which are consistent with the journal’s aims and scope are considered for detailed evaluation and will be sent to, at least, two referees. After receiving the referees’ comments, the manuscript will be sent to author(s) to make the necessary modifications to the original manuscript. Then, the revised manuscript will be sent back to a comparative reviewer so that s/he can make sure if it is carefully revised in line with the reviewers’ comments. After receiving a statement from the comparative reviewer confirming that the manuscript has been adequately revised based on the referees’ comments, the editorial board can decide on the status of the manuscript as accepted for online publication. Otherwise, authors can expect to receive one of three decisions: (a) acceptance with revision, (b) non acceptance with an invitation for revision and resubmission for another round of review, or (c) non acceptance and recommendation for submission to a different publication. It should be noted that the recommendations of reviewers are advisory to the editor, and final responsibility for acceptance or declination rests with the editor. The journal acceptance rate is 25%.


About one month after submitting a manuscript to the journal, authors can expect to receive the initial review result from the editor. Otherwise, a follow-up letter should be sent to the managing editor at It should be noted that manuscript ID, manuscript title, corresponding author and a phone number for later correspondence should be included in the letter. You may also call the Journal’s office on Sundays and Tuesdays at 10:00 to 13:00 and find out about the status of your paper submitted to the journal.