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Research Paper Land Evaluation and Suitability
Prioritization of effective factors on determining the appropriate crop cultivation pattern by decision-making methods (case study: Silakhor plain)

Nikrooz Bagheri; Alireza Sabzevari; Ali Rajabipour

Volume 47, Issue 1 , April 2024, Pages 1-18


  Introduction: One of the decision-making methods using quantitative data is multi-criteria decision-making, which helps the manager make rational decisions by considering different conflicting criteria. Planning for the optimal use of water and soil resources, in addition to their conservation, involves ...  Read More

Research Paper Land Evaluation and Suitability
Variability of some soil quality indicators under different land uses in a part of Lahijan region, Gilan province

Nazanin Khakipour

Volume 47, Issue 1 , April 2024, Pages 19-34


  IntroductionSoil is a dynamic natural system and interface between land, air, water, and life, which performs vital services for human sustenance. The increasing population growth has led to the excessive use of this natural resource to provide food, clothing and other human needs. This has led farmers ...  Read More

Research Paper Soil Chemistry and Pollution
Changes in chemical components and soil organic carbon resistance index as a result of land use change in loess-derived soils of Toshan region, Golestan provinc

Alireza Abdollahpour; Mojtaba Barani Motlagh; Amir Bostani; Farshad Kiani; Farhad Khormali; REZA GHORBANINASRABADI

Volume 47, Issue 1 , April 2024, Pages 35-55


  Introduction Soil organic carbon (SOC) is the largest source of terrestrial organic carbon and small changes in its components have many effects on global warming and carbon cycle. Soil organic matter (SOM) is considered as the most complex and least known component of soil, because it consists of plant, ...  Read More

Research Paper Agricultural mechanization
Estimating the number of agricultural machines required for rice production based on mechanization indexes in the central and southern regions of Guilan province

Roohollah Yousefi; Alireza Allameh

Volume 47, Issue 1 , April 2024, Pages 57-73


  Introduction Mechanization is one of the main factors in the development of agriculture. Agricultural mechanization, as a basic approach in the production of agricultural products, provides goals such as timely performance of agricultural operations, reduction of production costs, reduction of labor ...  Read More

Research Paper Plant Nutrition, Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
The effects of silicon and some nutrients recovered from plant residues on their concentration in soil

samira mohamadi; Fardin Sadegh-Zadeh; Mohammad AIi bahmanyar; mostafa emadi; mahdi ghajar- sepanlu

Volume 47, Issue 1 , April 2024, Pages 75-93


  Introduction: Recovery of nutrients from plant residues is a sustainable and economical method in agriculture. Considering the important role of nutrients, it is essential to supply these elements in the soil and achieve the appropriate yield. The amount of nutrients in the plant residues after harvesting ...  Read More

Research Paper Post Harvesting Technology
Study of the effect of high-power ultrasound waves on the survival of two types of bacteria in tomatoe's washing effluent

Mozhgan Azhdar; Narges Shahgholian; Hassan Zaki Dizaji; mansour amin

Volume 47, Issue 1 , April 2024, Pages 95-109


  Introduction: These days, most of the disinfectants used in the food industry such as chlorinated compounds are dangerous and harmful. Common methods of removing all types of pollution have many disadvantages for human health and the environment. It is possible to help preserve the environment and human ...  Read More

Research Paper Soil, Water and Plant Relationships
Effects of Different Moisture and Salinity Levels on Some Morphological Traits and Yield of Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) in Field Condition

Hossein Beyrami; Hossein Parvizi; Amir Parnian; Hadis Hatami

Volume 47, Issue 1 , April 2024, Pages 111-127


  ABSTRACTIntroductionSoil and water salinization is a worldwide problem, especially in irrigated areas, causing decrease in crop yield and the continuous loss of arable fields. Halophytes are the natural genetic source of salt tolerance traits and can be used for revegetation and remediation of salt-affected ...  Read More

Research Paper Precision Agriculture
Weed detection in fields using convolutional neural network based on deep learning

Adel Taherihajivand; kimia shirini; sina samadi Gharehveran

Volume 47, Issue 1 , April 2024, Pages 129-142


  Introduction In many countries, on average, more than 50% of people's food comes from grains, and nearly 70% of the cultivated area of one billion hectares of the world is dedicated to grains. A variety of weeds grow along with cereals in the fields, which can reduce crop yield due to competition for ...  Read More