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Research Paper
Effect of Treated Urban Sewage Sludge on Soil Essential Nutrients, Soil Chemical Properties and Physiological Properties of Olive Tree

M. Zare; M. Chorom; N. Moallemi

Volume 37, Issue 2 , March 2015, Pages 1-15

  Release of urban sewage in the environment is considered a serious problem to the environment and human health while its use in agriculture is recommended as a rich fertilizer in organic matter and major nutrients affecting plant growth. In this study, the use of treated urban sewage sludge, as a cheap ...  Read More

Research Paper
Effect of the Temperature, Moisturing Time and Final Moisture Content on Broken Rice Grain Percentage at Some Rice Grain Varieties

E. Asgari Asli Ardeh; M.J. Sheikh Davoodi; Z. Basati; N. Babamiri

Volume 37, Issue 2 , March 2015, Pages 17-31

  The aim of this research was to investigate the effect of grain soaking time (at two levels in 2 and 4 days), grain soaking temperature (at two levels 10 and 25 °C) and grain final moisture content (at three levels 8, 11, 14%w.b.) on the percentage of broken grain during husking and whitening processes ...  Read More

Research Paper
Simulation of Soil Moisture Content, Nitrate and Ammonium Mobility in a Corn Field using LEACHN Code

M Khorramian; S. Boroumand Nasab; F. Abbasi; S. R. Ashrafizadeh

Volume 37, Issue 2 , March 2015, Pages 33-45

  This study was conducted to assess the ability of LEACHN model for predicting nitrate and ammonium in the soil profile under corn at the Safiabad Agricultural Research Center, over two growing years. Three irrigation levels (50, 75, and 100% water requirement) and three nitrogen fertilizer levels (150, ...  Read More

Research Paper
Effect of Compost Fertilizer Granulation Parameters on the Granule Fracture Resistance using Response Surface Methodology

Y. Ghasemi; M.H. Kianmehr; M. Mohseni Monfared; B. Azadegan; J. Massah

Volume 37, Issue 2 , March 2015, Pages 47-57

  Today the chemical fertilizers are replaced with organic fertilizers due to the bad effects on human health and agricultural soils. There are barriers against useful utilization of organic fertilizers such as transportation (high volume), high moisture content, uneven distribution of fertilizers, dust ...  Read More

Research Paper Soil Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Effect of Bacillus cereus Strains on the Release of Potassium and Iron from Micaceous Minerals

M. Soliemanzadeh; H. Khademi; M. Sepehri

Volume 37, Issue 2 , March 2015, Pages 59-72

  Microorganisms play an important role in providing nutrients for plants and also in soil development. This study was carried out to investigate the effect of two strains of Bacillus cereus on the release of potassium and iron from micaceous minerals. An experiment was set up with a completely randomized ...  Read More

Research Paper Soil Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
The Effect of Bio fertilizer and Nitrogen on the Yield and Yield Components of Wheat in Greenhouse Condition

A.R. Fallah Nosratabad; S. Momeni; S. Shariati

Volume 37, Issue 2 , March 2015, Pages 73-86

  The present investigation was designed to compare the effect of combination biofertilizer of nitrogen fixing free-living bacteria and plant growth promoting bacteria of Azotobacter. It also aimed to compare the effect of Azospirillum alone and in combination with other plant growth promoting bacteria ...  Read More

Research Paper Plant Nutrition, Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
Digital mapping of soil fertility for agricultural service centers of Golestan province using Kriging method

G. Roshani; A. Gharanjiki

Volume 37, Issue 2 , March 2015, Pages 87-99

  The fertility maps are useful tools to know about the land resources. These maps are essential to do a correct fertilizer recommendation, monitoring the changes of soil fertility level and also to do prediction of toxicity or deficiency of necessary plants nutritional elements in the soil. The present ...  Read More

Research Paper Soil Genesis and Classification
Digital mapping of soil classes using different data mining techniques in Ardakan region, Yazd province

R. Taghizadeh-Mehrjardi; F. Sarmadian; M. Omid; N. Toomanian; M.J. Rousta; M.H. Rahimian

Volume 37, Issue 2 , March 2015, Pages 101-115

  In recent years, there has been a great development in the digital soil mapping which has led to production of maps for countries and the continents. Although many studies have been conducted all over the world, few Iranian soil scientists have shown interests in digital mapping. Therefore, in the present ...  Read More