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Research Paper
Effect of Tillage and Planting Methods in Hill Slopes on Soil Erosion and Wheat Grain Yield under Rain Fed Conditions in Kermanshah Province

Jalal Zakii; Mohammad Asoodar; Morteza Almasi

Volume 35, Issue 2 , March 2013, Pages 1-12

  The erosion in dryland causes decrease in yield and soil quality, especially in slope lands with conventional tillage. To investigate the effects of tillage and planting methods in slope lands on erosion and yield of rain fed wheat, an experiment was conducted in 2007-2008 at Kermanshah Province. The ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Effects of Rose Water Distillation Residues on Mechanical Strength and Water Holding Capacity of Soil and the Growth of Barley

Shaheen Noorbakhsh; Ali Doaguei; Ahmad Ghazanfari Moghaddam

Volume 35, Issue 2 , March 2013, Pages 13-23

  Rose water residues are by-products of rose water industries. These residues do not have any industrial usage and they are returned to soil as crop fertilizer. In this research, the effects of adding rose water distillation residues to soil in different particle sizes and weight proportion were investigated ...  Read More

Research Paper
Simulation of Runoff on Murun Dam Watershed (Idanak) using by

Nasrin Zalaki Badili; Gholamabbas Sayyad; Kazem Hemadi; Samira Akhavan; Ali Abdi

Volume 35, Issue 2 , March 2013, Pages 25-36

  In Iran, most mountainous watersheds do not have enough hydrometery stations and defective stations have sparse data. Because of limited availability of hydrologic data, watershed modeling plays a crucial role in development of local resources. In this study, SWAT was applied to simulate runoff in Marun ...  Read More

Research Paper
Estimating Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Using Cesium-137 Method: A Case Study (Raymaleh Watershed, Lorestan)

Hamid Matinfar; Manouchehr Kalhor; Afshin Shabani; Saleh Arkhi

Volume 35, Issue 2 , March 2013, Pages 37-54

  The rate of soil erosion and sediment yield estimation in the catchment areas is considered as an important factor for soil and water conservation practices. Due to difficulties and restrictions in common soil erosion methods, applying a high accuracy method with lowest cost and time consuming would ...  Read More

Evaluating the Effects of Bacillus Subtilis and Corynebacterium Glutamicum on Soil Microbial Indexes in Different levels of Salinity

Safoura Jafari; Mostafa Chorom; Naeimeh Enayatizamir; Hossein Motamedi

Volume 35, Issue 2 , March 2013, Pages 55-70

  Soil salinity induces a stressful environment for soil micro-organisms and reduces their number and activity. The objective of this research is investigating the effect of different levels of salinity on some of soil biological indicators and also assessing the effect of two types of halotolerant rhizospheric ...  Read More

Research Paper
Effects of Tillage Methods and Irrigation on Greenhouse Gasses Emission under Wheat Cultivation in the North of Khuzestan

Farideh Yarahmadi; Ahmad Landi; Mohammad Asoodar; Adel Moradi Sabz Kuhi

Volume 35, Issue 2 , March 2013, Pages 71-82

  Increasing the concentrations and emissions of greenhouse gases makes the weather warmer and affects land uses. Carbon dioxide emission is recognized as one of the most important factors in global warming. The objectives of this research were to investigate the amount of CO2 emission from soil to atmosphere ...  Read More

Research Paper
Design and Development of a Drum Type Saffron Corm Sizing-Machine

Davoud Ghanbarian

Volume 35, Issue 2 , March 2013, Pages 83-96

  Iran, with more than 90% of world production, is known as the main saffron producer. This plant is sterile and the saffron proliferation is possible only via cultivation of corms. One of the most problems in saffron cultivation is the yield reduction due to planting of small corms. In this research, ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Effects of Three and Five Years Continuous Periods of Municipal Solid Waste Aapplication on the Amount of Micronutrient Elements in Wheat Shoot and Seed

Akram Ahmadpoor Sefidkoohi; Mehdi Ghajar Sepanlou; Mohammad Bahmanyar

Volume 35, Issue 2 , March 2013, Pages 97-109

  In order to investigate the effects of applying three and five continuous periods of municipal solid waste (MSW) with and without NPK chemical fertilizer on the amount of micronutrient uptake by different parts of wheat, a pot experiment was conducted in split plot based on randomized complete block ...  Read More